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BeatTime intends to display Swatch Internet Time aka .beat time (ref. Wikipedia) on every Apple platforms.

BeatTime project includes:

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iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch apps are available on the App Store.

Download on Apple App Store

Download the source on GitHub.

Release notes

Release 1.3:

Release 1.2.1:

Release 1.2:

Release 1.1:

First release (1.0):

For any comments, please feel free to contact me: Julien Mulot


Let's see some screenshots:


macos main window

macos widget in notification center


iPhone App main screen   iPhone lock screen Widgets

iPhone App converter 24h time to beats screen   Phone App converter beats to 24h time screen

iPhone App settings   iPhone Widget

Apple Watch

Apple Watch App orange face Apple Watch App green face Apple Watch App yellow face Apple Watch App purple face

Apple Watch converter screen

Apple Watch complications

Apple TV

Apple TV App
Apple TV App

App policy

License & copyright

BeatTime apps are under the GPL license.

Copyright 2021 Julien Mulot ([email protected]).

Privacy policy

No personnal data and no data at all are collected by the Apps (except crash reports submitted by users).

BeatTime apps only performs actions for what they are intended.